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Visual Recipes... what they are and how are they helpful!

Okay, we all know that the premise of this company is to get children involved in the kitchen...well this blog post is dedicated to my favorite (and personally I think the best way) to get children involved.


First, let's define what visual recipes are: they are kid-friendly recipe cards with pictures (AKA visuals) representing what kitchen items and ingredients are required. They also use these pictures to describe the actions that are performed at each step of the task (AKA recipe).

I personally love utilizing visual aids in my speech therapy room because some children need that visual representation to understand verbally spoken language. Why should the kitchen and home life be any different? In order for children to be engaged in a task, they first need to understand what that task even is.

Utilizing a visual recipe will allow the child to:

1) Have a clear understanding of what ingredients are needed (you can have them match the item in the fridge or pantry to the item on the visual recipe card)

2) Have a visual representation of understanding of the order of steps (developing following directions and sequencing skills)

3) Encourage and foster language development in a nonpressured setting

*On the website, click shop and then products to download the FREE Apple Pie Overnight Oat Visual Recipe*

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