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Life is hectic. Welcome Back

As I am writing this to everyone, I am thinking of the all ways to explain to you how busy I’ve been with the move to another state which is why I haven’t been present on social media and this website. The more that I sit here thinking about all the reasons (*ahem* excuses) that I can come up with. I found one common thread: life is hectic. It always will be, and I realized in the midst of the chaos when I should have been even more present for you all. The purpose of this page is to show how to get children involved in the kitchen DURING weeknights/weekends, which are by far the most chaotic times for families. From now on I am challenging myself and you to come along on the journey to face the craziness of life head-on. *With my help of course* I have new ideas/products and posts that will provide an easier weeknight routine that involves your kids. Let’s take this journey together and learn more than ever.

Here are some things to look for on the Instagram page:

  1. “Tell me Tuesdays” where I will conduct a Q and A on my story! 🙋🏼‍♀️

  2. Weekly live videos! 💃🏼

  3. All of the recipes and helpful hints will be linked to my website! 😁

  4. Look out for surprises 👀

Looking forward to engaging and interacting with all of you🤩

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